‘I was looking forward to a girls holiday – but my friend invited people I don’t know’

The woman was looking forward to relaxing and recharging with her pal after suffering with a stressful time at work – but the friend then invited last minute guests which left the woman seething

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The woman was hoping to relax – but she knew she wouldn’t be able to with a newborn in tow (Stock Image)

Have you ever been invited on a holiday only for plans to change last minute? That happened to one woman when she thought she was going on holiday with one of her close friends, but the trip turned out to be a lot more than she bargained for. She was under the impression that it would be just her and the pal, which pleased her as a self-professed ‘introvert’ – but was instead met with an unexpected guest.

Taking to Mumsnet to reveal the story, the woman said that her friend sprung it upon her that her sister, her sister’s boyfriend and their newborn baby would be accompanying them on the trip, a revelation that left her disappointed as she desperately wanted to ‘recharge’ with her mate.

She wanted to relax and recharge, but instead was facing the prospect of a holiday with a newborn (Stock Image)


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She wrote: “I’m off on holiday with a friend I have known for a few years for a 5 night trip. She has a family home abroad that she has invited me to, so I just had to book flights.

“I am an introvert and have been going through a bit lately with work and was really looking forward to getting away and recharging with just her.

“She has just sprung it upon me a week before we leave that now her sister and her sisters boyfriend and their newborn baby will now also be joining us and ‘the baby is so perfect, you will love him and its going to be so much fun altogether!’

“I feel like I have no say in the matter as I am staying in her accommodation but if I knew this had been the situation I probably wouldn’t have agreed to the holiday and spent money on flights.

“I’m sure we will be doing stuff ‘just us’ but it’s just a total change of vibe of holiday that I wasn’t expecting and it’s making me feel a bit anxious,” the woman continued.

“The way I’m just told that it’s happening rather than ‘is it ok if?’ has rubbed me up the wrong way. Or am I being an ungrateful b**** who should just be appreciative of free holiday accommodation?”

People were quick to let the woman know she wasn’t being unreasonable, and it was perfectly acceptable for her to bring it up to her friend.

One wrote: “No you’re not, she offered one thing and changed it last minute. I agree you can’t say anything though. I wouldn’t be happy either. Any chance of a refund on your flights?”

Another said: “That’s a bit s*** of her. She can’t know you very well to think you’d relish the prospect. Can you reschedule?”

One said she found herself in a similar situation years ago, writing: “Had a similar experience years ago. Agreed to join a friend within a larger group who all played a sport together.

“Friend later decided to bring her young adult daughter who was a bit of a pain. Hadn’t met her before. Changed the whole dynamic for me. Wish I’d listened to my gut and cancelled.”

Someone else gave advice for future trips, commenting: “Next time I would suggest booking a hotel or apartment where extra family members are less likely to suddenly be added on to the holiday!”

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