‘I won a game show – being on it made me feel ill and I’ll never go on TV again’

A person who claims to have won a game show has said it put them off going on TV again because it left them ‘exhausted’ – but they’re ‘grateful’ for the experience

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The experience put them off going on TV again (stock photo)

An anonymous person who claims to have previously won a UK game show has said they’ll never go on TV again because the show left them “exhausted” and “ill” – but they’re still “grateful” for the experience.

Posting on Reddit, the person said they took part in the Channel 4 game show Codex – which ran from 2006 to 2007 – in a team of three and the group scooped the £3,000 prize pool, netting them a personal sum of £1,000 which they used to help pay off their overdraft.

And while they were happy to have bagged the cash and said the crew were “lovely”, they wouldn’t go through the experience again in a hurry, as the long filming hours left them feeling unwell.

They appeared on the show in a team of three


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Responding to a call for winners of UK game shows to speak about their experiences on the Ask UK Reddit forum, the person said: “I was on a Channel 4 history quiz called Codex and won £1,000. It was a really strange experience.

“They asked us at the end what we were going to spend our money on. I’d just finished uni so I said I was going to pay my overdraft off. They stopped filming and made me say something else that would be more exciting.

“We also filmed all through the night and had to take a change of clothes to make it look like one part had been filmed another day. I was exhausted and felt quite ill by the end. They just kept putting more and more make-up on us to cover up the bags under our eyes.

“All in all it really put me off going on TV again. Not that I think I would be picked for anything again.

“The money did go on paying my overdraft off and I was really grateful for it.”

The Reddit user, known only as vixie84, also said they were called to film the start of the show where the teams introduced themselves a month after they had won – meaning they had to rally their team back together again.

And they admitted they didn’t have a great experience with the show’s host, which they found “disappointing” because they’d been a fan of their work beforehand.

They added: “We filmed the start of the show about a month after we had won. It was basically a who are we and where do we work. Two of the people on my team had left so had to come back especially. They wanted us to be really crushing about the other team. It was funny because we all got on really well.

“The crew on the show were lovely and everyone worked really hard. I wasn’t a massive fan of the celebrity presenter which was disappointing as I had really liked them before the show.”

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