‘I wouldn’t lend my neighbour my car – others said it was too risky’

A woman was left shocked after her neighbour, who she barely knows, asked to use her car – she said she felt mean for making excuses, but people told her it was too risky

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The woman said she was wondering whether she was mean not to lend her car (Stock Image)

Getting on with your neighbours makes life a lot easier, and it’s nice for you to be able to ask those next door for the odd favour from time to time. Whether it’s an ingredient you didn’t realise you needed for a recipe, but don’t have, or needing to borrow their lawn mower because yours just packed in unexpectedly, it’s nice to have people to rely on around you.

But what would you do if your neighbour asked to borrow your car out of the blue? One woman took to Mumsnet to explain that she felt uncomfortable when her neighbour’s began asking her loaded questions about her car insurance.

The neighbour asked whether they could use the car – despite the fact they barely speak (Stock Image)


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She wrote: “We have new neighbours (less than a year), not particularly close (friendly when I first moved in but a series of events has led to some distance).

“Was asked out of the blue if I had comprehensive insurance, and if so could they borrow my car as needed to sort something out at their buy-to-let (defrosting a boiler condenser pipe, so not an emergency!)

“Been made to feel a bit mean, though I lied and said I didn’t have the insurance.

“Do you think I was being unreasonable? Was it perfectly reasonable to ask an acquaintance if you can borrow their car, and it’s mean of them not to say yes? Or do you think I wasn’t unreasonable, and you wouldn’t lend your car to someone, except maybe close family?

“There’s been a whole series of bonkers behaviour and now genuinely wondering if I was mean not to lend it! (I did offer a lift if needed but had to rescind the offer after four hours and still no time for said lift given – was clear I was expected to wait about all day in case the offer was taken up!)”

People agreed that they wouldn’t have lent their neighbour the car, and that she wasn’t being unreasonable to be wary, pointing out that it was too risky.

One wrote: “I would only lend a car to a close friend or close relative. Fully comp cover for you doesn’t mean fully comp cover for them.”

Another agreed, commenting: “I wouldn’t lend my car out either. Can you imagine the nightmare if they have an accident?”

“Don’t ever lend your car. No f****** way”, someone fumed.

“Good god no!”, a shocked Mumsnetter wrote. “I only let my husband and son drive my car if absolutely necessary. It’s not a cup of sugar!

“I can’t believe anyone would have the cheek to ask that of a casual acquaintance to be honest.”

Would you have lent your neighbour your car? Let me know in the comments.

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