‘Ice cream van man’s behaviour is inconsiderate – but husband says I’m ridiculous’

A woman has shared her frustration that the ‘blaring music’ of her ice cream truck unsettles her daughter as it drives on their ‘quiet residential road’ anytime up until 8pm

A woman is prepared to complain about the ice cream man
A woman is prepared to complain about the ice cream man

The musical chime of an ice cream truck is meant to spark joyous skips with rattling pennies in your hand.

As you prepare to indulge in a delicious treat – from an ice lolly to a 99p flake – it should be far from a child’s nightmare.

However, a woman on Mumsnet has described that her daughter is “genuinely scared” of the “blaring music” from the popular truck that roams the streets.

In her post, she wanted to complain about the behaviour, but asked if she was being unreasonable as her husband believes she’s being “ridiculous”.

The parent described that the truck can turn up to the “quiet” street anytime from 8pm – and her daughter’s bedtime is 7pm.

The ice cream truck can come to the ‘quiet’ road at 8pm


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The post read: “So we live on a quiet residential road.

“My daughter goes to bed at 7pm every night, 3-4 nights a week an ice cream van drives and parks down our road blaring his ice cream truck music.

“This varies in timing but can be as late as 8pm.

“This wakes my daughter every time and she takes ages to resettle,” she added. “She’s genuinely scared.”

The woman said that she wanted to talk to the ice man about the inconsiderable behaviour, despite her husband thinking otherwise.

The daughter is ‘genuinely scared’ of the ‘blaring music’


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“My husband thinks I’m ridiculous,” she said. “I think it’s a mickey take to be blaring loud music at 8pm.

“We have her window closed and white noise in her room but it still wakes her.

“I know I could put her to bed once he’s been but he doesn’t come every night so it’s hard to know and she is tired by 7pm.

The woman explained that it takes her child around “30 minutes” to settle her back down after she’d been woken up.

Users fled to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts on the ordeal.

The woman voiced her rage on Mumsnet


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One person penned: “Could be worse – I hear some people have music blaring in their gardens until 10:30.”

However, another person came to the woman’s defence.

“It annoys me when they go out late,” they wrote.

“Their demographic is children and to come around when children are likely getting ready for bed just p***** parents off and will probably refuse to buy from the van out of spite.”

Another parent agreed: “I find this frustrating as well but our ice cream man is really nice and gave my kids free ice cream once so now I feel guilty if I ever get a bit annoyed about the time again!”

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