If You Can Find The Woman Hiding In This Photo, You’re Considered To Have An Above Average IQ

woman hiding in photo

Ever since we were kids flipping through Where’s Waldo? and I Spy books one thing is obvious: Humans clearly enjoy puzzles, games, challenges, and optical illusions. Now challenges like these are all over the internet for you to attempt. Some claim that if you can find the woman in this painting in under five seconds you have above average IQ. Can you find her?

You Have An Above Average IQ if You Can Find the Woman in this Painting

Though we’re not quite sure if there is any science to back this up, apparently if you can find the woman in the painting below you are of above-average IQ. (1)

In this photo, the body painting is so lifelike that Nadine all but disappears into her surroundings.
Tschiponnique Skupin / LANDOV

Having difficulty? Look at the base of the tree in the bottom right-hand corner. Can you see her now?

If you did, good for you! If you are still confused, perhaps we can help you out a little more.

Jörg Düsterwald Body Painting

German artist Jörg Düsterwald is known for his incredible body art. He has been using the human body as his canvas for over 20 years, causing his subjects to blend into whatever background or scene he puts them in. (1)

He originally posted the photo of an old gated stone fence surrounded by trees and fallen leaves. Düsterwald then challenged his follower to find the woman hidden in the photo. Of course, the woman isn’t hiding at all, she’s sitting right in the foreground of the picture. Masterfully painted to blend in with the tree and the ground foliage, you barely notice that she is there. (1) You can see similar photos from his Nature Art series.

Still Haven’t Fond Her? Here she is!

Tschiponnique Skupin / LANDOV
Can you spot her?
Tschiponnique Skupin / LANDOV

You can see more of Jorg’s photos and paintings on his website, Facebook, and Instagram page.

More Optical Illusions for Your Above Average IQ

If finding the woman was easy for you (or even if it wasn’t) then you should give these next few optical illusions a try:

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  5. Your age affects how you see this sketch.

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