‘I’m not having a hen do – I want my bridesmaids to fund a spa trip for me instead’

The bride says she isn’t interested in having a hen party and would rather just have a solo spa day before her wedding – but wants her bridesmaids to foot the bill

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The bride wants to have a solo spa day instead of a hen party (stock photo)

When you get married, part of the fun in the lead up to the big day is the hen and stag parties that the bride and groom enjoy with their respective wedding parties to celebrate the occasion.

But hitting the town for a wild night of clubbing isn’t for everyone, and some people would much rather have a low-key event – and some may choose to not celebrate at all.

One bride-to-be on Reddit has caused a stir with her approach though, as she has said she isn’t interested in having any sort of hen party, but still expects her bridesmaids to pay for her to enjoy the night before her wedding on her own by footing the bill for a luxury spa stay.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman – who is from the US – explained that none of her bridal party would be invited to the spa, but they would be expected to transfer her the money that they would have spent on flights so that she can spend it all on her solo pamper day.

She wants her bridesmaids to fund her pamper day (stock photo)


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She said: “Would going on my ‘bachelorette’ party by myself be weird? Like, I would ask the girls to pitch the amount of money they would have paid for their flight to get to where I am for me to just spend a weekend pampering myself.

“I just have girls that live all over and they have kids, so I just feel like this would be easier and less stressful for me to do it this way.”

Commenters on Reddit were baffled by the bride’s request, with many of them pointing out it was “greedy” to ask for money from her bridesmaids for her own gain.

One said: “Lordy, lordy, lordy. She could also ask her bridal party to give her the money they would have spent on their gowns, hair, and make-up, and just have them sit in a pew like everyone else.”

As another added: “This woman is so out of touch she is orbital. I hope no one pays for her vacation.”

But others sided with the bride, suggesting they would be happy to pitch in for the spa day if it meant they wouldn’t have to attend a party they weren’t interested in.

Someone said: “I’d totally pitch in for that if it cost me 1/10th of what the party would otherwise. And I wouldn’t have to go to a bachelorette party. Sounds amazing.”

While someone else wrote: “I mean do I blame her … not really. Would I ever ask of that? Nope. Absolutely not. File under things we might secretly want to do but all know better.”

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