Innocent office snap is boggling people’s minds over odd high heel optical illusion

A deceptively ordinary-looking office picture actually hides a mind-boggling optical illusion, leaving many people totally perplexed as to what they’re actually looking at

The optical illusion
The real picture isn’t immediately apparant

An optical illusion of two colleagues in an office has left people absolutely baffled after realising what they were actually looking at. At first glance, the pic appears to show a man wearing high heels and white pants leaning over a woman seated in front of the computer. However, after a bit more of a careful look, it eventually becomes apparent that it’s actually the other way around, with the woman leaning over the man, who is wearing a purple shirt and seated in the desk chair.

The illusion becomes more obvious when you look at the woman’s long hair, which falls over the smiling man’s shoulder as she puts her arms around him from behind.

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A video about the deceptive pic was recently shared by a TikTok user who goes by the username @laughswithsel, and has left many people’s minds completely boggled.

The TikToker, who regularly shares amusing content with followers, offered the following narration: “At first I thought he was wearing the heels. Okay, this took me so long to actually see what’s going on here!”

It has taken some people a while to figure it out



The clip has since clocked up more than 114.3k likes plus thousands of comments, with many followers expressing their utter amazement.

One puzzled person laughed: “The girl: at first I thought he was wearing the heels… me: why who else is wearing the heels?”

Another gasped: “I promise you the right image came for a second and again disappeared. I am now looking for the lady again.”

A third person claimed it had taken them “1019363827374629919373639201947638 years” to figure it out, while a fourth remarked, “I see it but then my brain goes back to seeing the man wearing the heels.”

Some have suggested tilting your phone to the left or right if you still can’t see what is really happening, while others have suggested simply tipping it upside down.

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