‘I’ve been shaving my legs wrong for 20 years – my new method saves time and water’

People have been left gobsmacked after a woman shared her ‘genius’ shaving hack, as it could help save lots of time and money for anyone who enjoys having smooth legs

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Woman shares game changing hack for shaving your legs

Shaving is never fun, but for those of us who enjoy silky soft legs, it’s a weekly chore. So, you’d imagine most people who own a razor are more than comfortable with how to use it. Well, think again.

A woman has left social media users gobsmacked after sharing her ‘genius’ shaving hack – and people are wondering why they didn’t think of the trick sooner.

The time-saving tip involves turning off the water while you shave. Rather than rinsing the razor under the tap after each stroke, you instead remove the hairs a different way.

As @charmakeupnz claimed in a viral TikTok, you can gently glide the razor in the opposite direction to the way you shaved to release trapped hairs.

The woman said she’s been shaving her legs wrong for 20 years (stock photo)


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Demonstrating the hack to over 300,000 viewers, the make-up artist explained: “I just realised I’ve been shaving my legs wrong for the last 20 years.”

She continued: “Instead of running the water the whole time and shaving a row, then rising it under the water, shaving another row – we don’t have all day to do that – instead, you shave a row, glide the razor down, shave a row, glide the razor down.

“The hairs get pushed out as you glide up and down your legs.”

Praising the tip, which she reckons is “so much quicker and so much easier”, she said: “Before you ask, I promise I’ve never cut my leg doing this.” Her caption added: “Cancel me if this is gross.”

Well, it turns out some savvy-shavers already know and love the trick, but many had never heard of it before – and were amazed by the demonstration.

“WHAT?! I am 33 and how did I not know this,” read one reply. A second said: “Well yah I’ve been doing it wrong for like over 60 yrs”. And someone else wrote: “Oh my goodness I also have been doing it wrong. Thanks for sharing lifesaver.”

Meanwhile, a different commenter said: “Been doing this for ages works wonders,” while another replied: “I do this! But with one of those razors that has the moisture bar on them. Makes it so much easier.”

Seconding the recommendation, several other responders also suggested saving the tip for when you’re using a razor with a moisture bar to avoid any scrapes. “I use oil first makes the slide of razor smooth easier,” said one such comment.

Replying to a question about her razor, @ charmakeupnz wrote: “ I usually do this with a Venus ones that has the soap on both sides! Something with a bit of slip to it.”

Jesting with someone else who was amazed by the advice, she added: “This is the stuff we should be being taught in school,” before adding a laughing emoji.

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