Japanese Man Who Spent $14,000 To Transform Into Dog Takes His First Walk In Public

Japanese Man Who Spent $14,000 To Transform Into Dog Takes His First Walk In Public

Toco has chronicled his journey on his YouTube channel

A Japanese man named Toco has transformed himself into a canine after shelling out more than $14,000 (Rs 12 lakh) for a custom-made collie costume. 

The creators took 40 days to make the unusual garment but it has helped the man realise his dream of “becoming an animal.”

The man has shared several videos on his Youtube channel, where he boasts nearly 33,000 subscribers. The footage shows Toco rolling on the floor and playing fetch.

The man recently posted a video of himself stepping out in public for the very first time. Bystanders were in awe of the human collie. In the five-minute video, Toco can be seen interacting with people and other dogs. Toco said that the video was filmed last year during an interview with German TV station RTL.

“Thankfully, I received permission to use the videos, so I am releasing them to the public! On the day of the interview, they were very kind to me,” Toco wrote in the description.

“Do you remember your dreams from when you are little? You want to be a hero or a wizard,” he wrote in the clip.

In the video, Toco can be seen behaving like a four-legged furball. Some dogs initially showed fear after approaching the human dog.

Toco has chronicled his journey on his YouTube channel. He has not revealed his identity yet in public.

In a video uploaded last year, Toco answered a series of questions. He admitted he always “had a vague dream of becoming an animal” ever since he was a child, New York Post reported.

According to local Japanese news outlet news.mynavi, Zeppet provides a large number of sculptures for movies, commercials, and amusement facilities and also produces costumes that have been seen on TV and costumes of famous mascot characters in Japan.

The entire costume is estimated to have cost more than ₹ 12 lakhs (2 million Yen) and took 40 days to make.


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