Japanese Woman Tastes ‘Palak Paneer’ For The First Time. Her Reaction

Japanese Woman Tastes 'Palak Paneer' For The First Time. Her Reaction

A Japanese old woman tries ‘Palak Paneer’ and vegetable curry for the first time.

The spices, flavours, and aroma of Indian cuisine is popular around the world. People from many countries visit India, just to taste its unique and spicy food. An old woman in Japan too gave her seal of approval to an Indian delicacy, according to a video going viral.

The woman is seen trying Palak Paneer and vegetable curry for the first time in the now famous video.

It was shared by Stepin Kitchen on Instagram on April 18. The page is managed by its owner Nisha Zaveri who runs Kobe based, vegetarian catering service.

In the viral video, the senior citizen is seen taking a bite of paratha (flat bread) and Palak Paneer (a dish made out of spinach and cottage cheese) together, and looks amazed by its taste. She then tells the person shooting the video that the food is healthy.

The video has received over 23,000 views and over 1,660 likes on Instagram. Users have made heartfelt comments on the post.

“She will never eat Japanese again don’t make her do that,” a user wrote.

“Everyone should at least try real Indian food from India….. Not the one they serve outside,” a second user commented.

Last month, a video of little girl trying Indian food for the first time at a restaurant in Australia went viral on social media.

Indian cuisine includes a wide range of regional and traditional dishes from across the Indian subcontinent. These cuisines vary substantially due to differences in soil, climate, culture, ethnic groups, and professions, and use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Indian cuisine has shaped the history of international relations – a proof being the spice trade between India and Europe. Spices were sent from India to Europe and other parts of Asia.

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