Jason Kelce Reveals How Kylie Supported Travis at Super Bowl 2024 Even Without Chiefs Gear

While Kylie Kelce might refuse to wear any Kansas City Chiefs gear to her brother-in-law ​Travis Kelce’s games, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t support him. Jason Kelce revealed the subtle way Kylie chose to cheer on Travis during Super Bowl 2024.

“I think she had an ‘alright ​nah’ shirt underneath [her outfit]. Something like that,” Jason, 36, said during an episode of the “New Heights” podcast on Wednesday, February 14. “So, she was definitely supporting Trav.”

“Alright nah” has been one of Travis’ catchphrases that shot to popularity amid his romance with girlfriend Taylor Swift. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end even filed a trademark on the phrase in 2023.

Travis, 34, was thrilled Kylie, 31, chose to wear the Chiefs’ colors to the game, even if she wouldn’t rock any of the team’s official merchandise. Many fans believed that she might break her rule for the 2024 Super Bowl but the Philadelphia native stuck to her guns.

“I get it,” Travis said. “I respect it, Ky. I appreciate you even wearing red, you know? You could’ve worn something neutral and just showed your support. You showing up was enough for me.”

And it seemed Philadelphia Eagles fans were more than happy ​to back Kylie in her decision.

“Kylie got some love from Philadelphia fans for her continued refusal to wear Chiefs gear even though she has personal connections,” Jason said during the episode. “She just does not want to do it.”

Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce pose for a photo at the Kelce documentary premiere.
Cooper Neill / Getty Images

However, Travis pointed out that ​his sister-in-law has no problems repping other colleges than her own.

“She’ll wear other universities, but she won’t wear other NFL teams,” Jason replied.

Kylie has been vocal in the past about her dedication to the Philadelphia Eagles, which is the team her husband plays for.

“I mean, I just can’t do it,” Kylie said during an interview with For The Win ahead of Super Bowl 2024, adding, “I will cheer on Travis every single day of the week, forever. But I won’t wear Chiefs stuff.”

The mom of three ​also said, “I’m not an aesthetic ​girlie. I do not plan my outfits ahead of time. So, I would imagine that I will go back in the direction of either ​’New Heights’ podcast or Cincinnati to the Super Bowl.”

In the past, fans have expressed their love for Kylie’s loyalty to her favorite NFL team.

“Kylie Kelce REFUSES to root for any team other than the Eagles and I’m SO HERE FOR IT,” one fan wrote on X, while another joked, “Kylie: ‘I am like an Eagles fan to the extent of, like, if Jason ever went and played for another team, I would wear Kelce, I would not wear another team’s stuff.’”

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