Jennifer Murphy Viral Song ‘I Want to Be Neenja’ Is Now a Film! ‘One of a Kind’

Jennifer Murphy struck gold thanks to her viral song “I Want to Be Neenja,” and she is now set to debut her new movie of the same name on May 10. 

“My ‘I Want To Be Neenja’ song is globally viral, especially on TikTok, and is sung and loved by kids and adults of all ages and all races. Well over 1 billion views worldwide, and over 100,000 new views and song downloads every day!” Jennifer said of the project, which is already available for pre-sale on “Now I’m thrilled to be launching the feature film. This movie is a one-of-a-kind, old-school comedy, with drama, action and a full original music score.” 

Jennifer continued of the film that she directed, wrote, produced and stars in, “I tell my own story throughout the film, so it has a documentary element as well. I’m the writer, producer, director, lead actress and play a total of 10 different characters! (Eddie Murphy‘s got nothing on me!)”

Jennifer’s viral song that sparked the creativity for the film is nothing short of a massive success. It has over 88 million hashtags on TikTok, 1 billion views collectively and gets anywhere from 500 to 5,000 views an hour on YouTube. The original performance of the song has 8.2 million views alone. It has been at the center of pop culture conversations, and projected its creator to new levels of success. 

Joining Jennifer on the creative side of the film are some impressive professionals. World-famous trainer Rigan Machado signed onto the project, as did award-winning composer and concert pianist Georges Tomb, the youngest composer to ever perform at Carnegie Hall. Stuntman, choreographer and Jackie Chan Stunt Team member Andy Cheng lent his skills to the film, as did award-winning director and cinematographer Sunny Zhao. Sunny, like Jennifer, was dedicated to telling the story of Ninja origin. 

The film will be available for purchase on the website ( and is launching on iTunes, Vimeo, and Amazon Prime on Friday, May 10.  The trailer will be featured in theaters across the country. 

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