Josh Lambo suing Jaguars for $3.5M salary plus damages as Urban Meyer fallout continues

The decision to hire Urban Meyer may continue to cost the Jaguars long after they fired him.

Former Jags kicker Josh Lambo is suing the team for his $3.5 million 2021 salary, in addition to compensation for emotional distress. Lambo was a whistleblower of sorts last season, telling the Tampa Bay Times that Meyer kicked him during a preseason practice last August, and he is continuing to ensure that Jacksonville doesn’t forget about its failed experiment with Meyer.

Lambo made 76 of 80 field goal kicks with the Jaguars from 2017-20. He was released in October in 2021 after missing all three field of his goal tries in three games last season. He was signed to the Steelers’ practice squad for nine days in November before becoming a free agent. He remains without a team.

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Lambo filed suit Tuesday in state court in Jacksonville. He alleges that Meyer cultivated a hostile work environment and physically and verbally abused him. In addition to kicking him, Meyer allegedly told Lambo: “I’m the head ball coach, I’ll kick you whenever the f— I want” and “Hey, Dips—, make your f—ing kicks.”

Before he was fired last December, Meyer denied that the kicking incident occurred the way Lambo described it.

Meyer and the Jaguars are in a dispute over his buyout, with the Jaguars claiming Meyer was fired for cause and thus isn’t owned anything. Lambo’s lawsuit may be used as ammunition in that claim.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan recently wondered how anyone could be around Meyer when the coach was “not truthful.”

The Jaguars hired Doug Pederson as head coach in January, part of their attempt to claw their way out of the NFL cellar. They’ve had the No. 1 overall pick the past two NFL Drafts, and they’re hoping the 2021 pick, Trevor Lawrence, will help lead them to a brighter future.

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