Julian Edelman seems slightly peeved that Tom Brady called Cole Beasley before him

Tom Brady has helped give Julian Edelman plenty of rings in his career, but the one he didn’t get probably hurts the most. 

The Bucs QB certainly has a type when it comes to slot receivers. Throughout his career, the GOAT has appreciated the smaller, quicker, more shifty type out of the spot; Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman and now, Cole Beasley, have all drawn the eyes of Brady.

The news that the Buccaneers are signing Beasley to a one-year deal has seemingly ruffled the feathers of Julian Edelman — Well, at least (seemingly) jokingly.

Speaking on “Inside the NFL,” Edelman was a bit pricked, at least sarcastically, that he didn’t get a phone call from Brady while looking for receiving help recently.

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“I don’t want to talk about this,” Edelman said. “They signed Cole Beasley. I didn’t get a call.”

Really, Edelman’s face tells the whole story — It’s a good bit, and good humor, but there’s likely no hard feelings for Brady from the 36-year-old. His “Inside the NFL” cast mates all had a good laugh about it, too.

This summer, Edelman said that he’d only return to the field if it was for the Patriots, so maybe his loyalty to TB12 doesn’t go quite as far as former teammate Rob Gronkowski’s does.

But, Edelman just wanted a phone call to make him feel wanted. At this stage in his career, maybe he should wait for the one from Canton — though, that one may never come, too.

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