Lakers Secure #1 Seed, Zion Rolls Despite Shoe Woes

It is a very unique time in the NBA due to the league existing within the ‘bubble’ in Orlando. While the meaning of having the #1 seed in your respective conference- or even overall- might not appear to be what it once was, it’s still something to celebrate. The Los Angeles Lakers clinched that status on Monday night as they defeated the Utah Jazz 116-108 thanks in large part to an impressive showing from Anthony Davis.

The Athletic

The win meant it was three from three for the Lakers against the Jazz, and it saw Davis drop 42 points and grab 12 rebounds one game after struggling mightily. Despite a poor night from the floor, Donovan Mitchell had 33 for the opposition in their loss, while LeBron James had a typically good night with 22 points and nine assists. In other action, the New Orleans Pelicans overcame the Memphis Grizzlies 109-99. It was notable for a couple of reasons. Zion Williamson, their star youngster, had more shoe problems, similar to what happened at Duke. However, this time he was able to overcome it, and he played a role down the stretch, scoring 23 while Brandon Ingram added 24 to hand them the win. It’s a huge win for the Pelicans, as it puts them 2 ½ games back of the Grizzlies currently. If they stay within four, they will be entitled to at least a play-in opportunity, so the magnitude of this game was bigger than many would have thought.

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