Lawrence Hints At Clemson Stay

In the minds of many, Trevor Lawrence is pretty much set to be the #1 pick in the next NFL Draft. However, the Clemson Tigers quarterback still has eligibility remaining, if he so chooses to use it, past this season. And he chose to remind us of that on Tuesday when he stated that he was considering possibly staying.

Yahoo Sports

The words “But who knows? There’s a whole lot of things that could happen” is just one hint that he might be looking to avoid the ignominy of being drafted by the New York Jets. While he didn’t say that, one can’t help but believe that has to be playing a role. They are 0-7, currently on ‘top’ of the standings to get the #1 pick. They’ve seen quarterbacks come and go, and Lawrence may not be too keen upon being the next on that dubious list.

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