Legal battle expected over a 96-year old lady’s will after she bequeaths $75M to sitcom character ALF

An elderly woman nostalgic of 80’s comedies bequeathed the near totality of her belongings estimated at $75,585,840,000, to the title character of the 1986 sitcom ALF.

Margaret Simmons passed away in early November in Charlotte, North Carolina, leaving behind her three sons and her 8 grandchildren.

The rich widow was known to be eccentric and temperamental, and her legal will certainly seems to confirm this.

The 45-page document is filled with critics and insults aimed at her family, the media, politicians, and others.

Throughout this hate-filled document, she bequeaths her belongings estimated at approximately $76,6M, giving less than $300,000 to members of her family.

Seven of her heirs have already filed legal procedures to overturn the document, mostly implying that the document is illegal because of Ms. Simmons’ mental capacities.

In a brief interview, her youngest son’s lawyer, Mr. Albert Bernstein, clearly expressed his doubts about the deceased woman’s sanity.

“That woman bequeathed $125,000 and a house to her poodle, 75 millions to an alien puppet, but only family portraits and a stamp collection to her family. Does that sound sane to you?”

Mr. Bernstein even suggested that Ms. Simmons suffered from senility when she wrote her will.

“She mentions that ALF can use the funds to get back to the planet Melmac where he came from or to get back his tv show. It’s a puppet! I mean, the woman was senile!”

Mr. Albert Bernstein who represents Ms. Simmons’ youngest son believes that it’s “highly improbable” that the document will be considered legal.

Ms. Simmons’ strange will poses several issues if it found legal, as several parties could claim the money as ALF, either the puppeteer, the writers, the production company, or the distributor.

Even if the document is overturned, her possible heirs will most likely be involved in years of legal battles before they can get their money.

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