“Lisa Mausi”: Hilarious Twitter Thread On Portraits Of Mona Lisa Goes Viral

'Lisa Mausi': Hilarious Twitter Thread On Portraits Of Mona Lisa Goes Viral

The Twitter threat collectively has garnered thousands of likes and comments.

The Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the early 16th century, is one of the most famous paintings in the world. The famed depiction of a lady with wandering eyes and a slight smile isn’t just a masterpiece, but it is also one of the most parodied works of art. Now, one such hilarious version of the Mona Lisa is going viral on the internet. 

Twitter user Pooja Sangwan shared a series of images which showed what Mona Lisa would look like if she belonged to different states in the country. The first tweet showed “Lisa Mausi,” a South Delhi version of the Mona Lisa. 

Take a look below: 

The second tweet showed Mona Lisa as Maharashtrian “Lisa Tai”. 

Wearing a saree and a big red bindi, the next tweet featured “Lisa Devi” hailing from Bihar. The Twitter thread also showed the “Maharani Lisa” from Rajasthan, “Shona Lisa” from Kolkata.

“Lisa Mol” of Kerala, “Lisa Bomma” from Telangana and finally the social media post concluded with “Lisa Ben” from Gujarat. 

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Since being shared, the Twitter thread collectively has garnered thousands of likes and comments. Internet users were impressed by the parody version of the famous painting.

“Amazing thread … da vinci fans may give mixed reactions….elegant sarees and next level editing,” wrote one user. “The fact that every attire and getup is different and yet so beautiful,” added another. 

A third called the thread, “best thing on the internet today,” while a fourth commented, “Very nicely and wittingly done”. “The creativity is dead amazing,” added fifth. 

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