‘Love Is Blind: Sweden’ Season 1: Everything We Know About Its Host, Premiere Date, Cast and More

The hit Netflix dating show Love Is Blind is headed to Sweden. The franchise — which the streamer describes as “a social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person” — has already played matchmaker in Brazil and Japan, and is now headed to Europe for season 1 of Love Is Blind: Sweden.

Keep scrolling to learn about the new season’s ​host, premiere date and more.

Who Is the Host of ‘Love Is Blind: Sweden’ Season 1?

The show’s Swedish season will be hosted by television presenter and reporter Jessica Almenäs, who called the gig a “dream job” for a “hopeless romantic” like her in a Netflix press release. She has previously hosted the Swedish celebrity dance competition series ​​Let’s Dance, weight loss contest Biggest Loser, and the sports game show Superstars.

Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1 Everything We Know
Courtesy of Netflix

“I am so excited to be a part of this fascinating and completely unique experiment,” Jessica said in the press release. “I have been a big Love is Blind fan ever since the first season aired in the U.S. It feels fantastic that I now have the opportunity to host the Swedish version and be there to support our brave participants,” she concluded.

What is ‘Love Is Blind: Sweden’ Season 1 About?

Like its American counterpart, Love Is Blind: Sweden will follow 33 “singles who want to be loved for who they are on the inside” as they “choose someone to marry without seeing them,” according to Netflix. Only after the couples are engaged can they see who they’ve already agreed to spend the rest of their lives with.

Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1 Everything We Know 2
Courtesy of Netflix

“Over the next four weeks, they’ll move in together, plan their wedding, and attempt to add a physical connection to their emotional bond,” the press release for the show continued. “When their wedding day arrives, will they marry the person they fell blindly in love with? Or have the physical realities and external factors sabotaged their relationship?”

When Will Season 1 of ‘Love Is Blind: Sweden’ Premiere?

The series will air in three main Friday installments, with four episodes premiering on January 12, four on January 19, and two wedding episodes on January 26. Netflix also revealed there will be a fourth and final “batch” of episodes, which will be announced at a later date and feature a reunion with the cast.

What Happens in the ‘Love Is Blind: Sweden’ Season 1 Trailer?

The contestants’ emotional connection with their partners is evident in the season’s trailer, despite the pairs having ever seen what the other looked like.

“I’ve never met her but I want to spend the rest of my life with her,” one man is seen gushing about his mystery woman.

Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1 Everything We Know 3
Courtesy of Netflix

“If my gut feeling is correct, I’ve found the right one,” another participant said.

However, there was trouble in paradise for some after their partner’s face was revealed, with one woman telling her blind match, “Either we misunderstood each other, or you lied.”

“How can you hide something like this?” another is seen asking her partner through tears.

Who Are the Contestants on ‘Love Is Blind: Sweden’ Season 1?

The 33 hopefuls, who were announced on December 14, 2023, include a vice president of a security company, a firefighter, a yoga teacher, a soccer coach, and three nurses. The contestants range in age from 27 to 43.

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