Machado Grand Slam Downs Rangers


The San Diego Padres are showing they are not a team to be messed with and could be a quiet contender for a deep run this season. Just ask the Texas Rangers. The Padres have beaten them on three straight nights now following Wednesday night’s heroics from Manny Machado.

The San Diego Union-Tribune

The very same Machado that was thrown behind the other night after Fernando Tatis, Jr. simply did his job. Machado got the best form of payback against the Rangers here, bombing a one-out grand slam in the bottom of the tenth to hand his team a 6-3 win that took them to 14-12. Tatis had another homer, in the third inning, earlier in the contest to further rub salt in the wounds of the Texans. They will have the opportunity to make it four in a row come Thursday night.

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