Malaysia: Muslim man with chronic flatulence problems faces four divorce procedures at the same time

A Malaysian man is facing four divorce procedures at the same time after his flatulence problems have become “unbearable” according to his four wives, reports the Malay Times.

Mohamad Abdul Razak, 58, was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and chronic flatulence last year after receiving a gastric bypass surgery.

Razak has admitted that his chronic flatulence had made his wives’ lives difficult but that it was the will of God and that they should submit to him because he is their husband.

“Allah in all his greatness made my anus emit these odors. Should not my wives celebrate this gift of God himself?” Mohamad Abdul Razak pleaded in court.

Mohamad Abdul Razak, who is the father of ten children, told the judge that he had tried everything to make his wives stop complaining to no avail.

“I beat them with a broom and even chained one in the basement for a week but the whining persisted,” a visibly discouraged Razak told the judge in defeat.

The four women even offered payment to make the divorce official and release them from their marriage, a tradition that is permitted under Shariah law.

“We are not bad wives. We have tried everything, even putting tampons and incense in his rectum to stop the odor, but nothing works” one of his wives said in court, with tears in her eyes.

One wife even told the judge she had thought of ending her life to end the torture even though she knew she would burn in hell for eternity if she committed suicide.

During the proceedings, the judge was forced to dismiss the court and an ulterior court date was set after Razak could not abstain from emitting gases, making the air ” toxic” and “unbreathable” according to eyewitness testimonies.

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