Man claims aliens saved his life after they diagnosed him with prostate cancer during anal probe

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A Massachusetts man claims that aliens saved his life after diagnosing his prostate cancer during an alien rectal examination that occurred at the time of his abduction.

Jerry Baldwin, 46, filed a police report on January 17th at the Chicopee Police Department after he claimed to be a victim of what he described as an alien abduction.

Baldwin claims that he was on his way home after work when he noticed a series of mysterious lights in the sky and lost consciousness moments later before waking up surrounded by “beings from another world.”

“I was paralyzed and my body was stiff as a board. They shoved this six-foot-long metallic probe up my rectum. They spoke a weird language, it sounded like humans laughing” Jerry Baldwin, 46, recounted, still visibly traumatized by the recent events.

Dr. Alan Green of the Holyoke Medical Center confirmed the “alien diagnosis” of prostate cancer a week after Jerry Baldwin claims he was abducted last January.

“The tumor was already in an advanced state and had the testing been scheduled several weeks later it would have been inoperable” Dr. Alan Green at Holyoke Medical Center explained.

Baldwin also stated that the extraterrestrials communicated with him through the use of telepathy.

“An alien forced what looked like his glowing genitals into my mouth and then I was able to communicate telepathically with him. I saw my life unfold before my eyes and that’s when I learned that I had prostate cancer,” he added.

A number of eyewitnesses also attested to seeing unusual lights in the sky that night in Hampden County although Jerry Baldwin’s account is the only one that involved an encounter with extraterrestrial beings.

The official Chicopee police report states that a medical examination of Baldwin’s genitals and anal region on the night of January 17th showed physical evidence consistent with that of sexual assault victims.

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