Man Discovers Bear In Toblerone’s Logo Through AI After Eating It For 30 Years

Man Discovers Bear In Toblerone's Logo Through AI After Eating It For 30 Years

A computer vision algorithm helped him discover it.

Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz recently took to LinkedIn to reveal that he recently noticed the bear in Toblerone’s iconic mountain for the first time in 30 years. A computer vision algorithm helped him discover it.

Mr Diaz took to the professional networking site and wrote, “More than 30 years eating Toblerone and I have to wait for a computer vision algorithm to tell me that there is a hidden bear in this iconic mountain. Once seen, it cannot be unseen!”

He added, “(apparently the bear represents the Bern bear because Toblerone is made in Bern, Switzerland) Now I understand how AI-enabled tech makes us more intelligent.”

Well, there were many who saw a bear perfectly camouflaged in the logo of the Swiss chocolate company for the first time.

A user wrote, “You are so unobservant. I noticed it the very first time I ate it.” 

Another wrote, “Not sure I buy it as an “AI triumph”, more likely the logo was tagged by a human and ingested into the training data.”

A user shared a fact about the chocolate, “Something else most don’t notice on the candy: there’s one piece for every letter in Toblerone, and each letter is printed on the side of each piece. Cool stuff.”

A user joked, “It’s good to see your computer vision algorithm as the ‘bear’er of this exciting news Ralph! If you bear with it for some more time, it could perhaps move mountains”.

Did you know that Toblerone is produced in a European town called Bern, Switzerland? It is popularly known as the “city of bears”.

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