Man divides family after walking out of meal over sister-in-law’s racist remark

A man, who is Asian, was offended when his sister-in-law said that his skills as a chef didn’t count because he was Chinese – and making Kung Pao chicken “wasn’t real cooking”

A family sat around a table eating food
A man was deeply offended by his sister in law’s hurtful comment (stock image)

A man walked out of a meal with his wife’s family after his sister-in-law made a racist remark – and now the whole family are divided.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he was a professional cook, as is his sister-in-law, Sarah, adding that she had always taken great pride in her profession and would brag about it at every opportunity.

The man, who is Asian, said that he would always abide Sarah’s cooking tips and criticisms, but one day, while preparing a family meal, he bit back – saying that he was a professional too and had his own preferences.

Then, to his surprise, Sarah responded that ‘making Kung Pao chicken at some Chinese restaurant doesn’t count’, sparking a huge scene that divided the family.

The man felt he had no choice but to leave, and now the incident has divided the family (stock image)


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Sharing his story on Reddit, the man said: “She always butts in with comments like, ‘umm, I think you should actually do X like this’. I’ve been patient for my wife and sidestep those comments, saying things like ‘thanks, but I think I’ll stick to the way I do it’.

“Things came to a head two weeks ago when my wife, father and mother-in-law, and I were in her parent’s kitchen prepping dinner for my mother-in-law’s birthday.

“We were running a bit behind so things were heated and that’s when Sarah walked in. She took one look at what I was doing, scoffed, and said something like, ‘oh wow, okay, so that’s not the right way of doing things’.

“It hit a nerve and I pretty sternly told her to stop criticizing my cooking and that I’m also a chef like her.

“She laughed and said ‘making Kung Pao chicken at some Chinese restaurant doesn’t count’. The kitchen went silent, father in law snorted/chuckled, and my mother in law yelled, ‘Sarah what is wrong with you’.

“I stopped what I was doing, swore at her and called her ‘a racist piece of s**t’, apologised to my mother-in-law for not being able to stay, and left for home with my wife.”

After the incident, the family began arguing, and things escalated when Sarah repeated the story to her work colleagues and was demoted because of it.

Then, the man’s father-in-law demanded that he remove the online post about the incident or he would be entering a ‘world of hurt’, adding that his ‘presence was only being tolerated up until this point’.

After sharing his story online, other Reddit users rushed to the man’s defence and said that he did the right thing by standing up to Sarah.

One user said: “‘Cooking Asian food doesn’t count as cooking’ is racist, incredibly uncalled for, and shows how much of an entitled know-it-all Sarah is.

“Glad most people over there are on your side, but yeah, don’t apologise when you did nothing wrong.”

While a second person added: “I don’t think it counts as cooking, it’s magic. Asian food is amazing and I can’t recreate it, so must be magic. French food on the other hand, give me a recipe and some time I’ll make it.”

And a third wrote: “I’m disappointed in your wife. Enabling her racist sister and dad over her husband is not a good look.

“And apparently, Sarah can’t keep her racist mouth shut anywhere and that consequence is on her.”

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