Man gets huge lion tattoo that looks like ‘Mufasa after the stampede’

A man has been brutally mocked on Reddit after a picture of his new tattoo was shared, as it shows a giant lion, covering his whole back, with a very confused look on its face

A man with a huge tattoo on his back
A man’s tattoo has been mocked as it came out looking a bit strange

A man has been brutally mocked online after a picture of his new tattoo was shared – as it’s of a huge lion but something looks a bit off.

At the stage the picture was taken, the man had a huge outline across his whole back and it probably wasn’t too late to get it covered up.

But if he’s had it coloured in, he’s probably regretting it by now as the lion’s eyes are completely cross-eyed and it’s as if the animal is looking in two directions at once.

The picture was shared on Reddit and soon some said the tattoo looked like Lion King’s “Mufasa after the stampede”.

At least he doesn’t have to look at the tattoo



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Another Reddit user said: “At least he doesn’t have to look at it”

Then a second wrote: “This lion is such a badass hunter, it can look for prey in every direction at once.”

And a third added: “Eyes looking at different direction lmfao.”

Then another wrote: “This has to be a joke. Tell me it’s marker.”

Meanwhile, a man who wanted a six-pack decided to ditch the gym and went to a tattooist to get the results he was after – and got rock-hard abs tattooed onto his stomach.

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Dean Gunther, 34, shared the unusual inking on TikTok and said that a customer wanted a toned stomach and had been working out at the gym for years.

But the man had never seen the gains he was after, so he turned to Dean, who is a travelling tattoo artist from South Africa currently residing in Manchester.

Together they came up with a plan and etched out a series of impressive looking abs onto the man’s stomach – and the end result was incredibly impressive.

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