Man Gets Six-Pack Abs in 2 Days. Here’s How He Did It

Man Gets Six-Pack Abs in 2 Days. Here's How He Did It

A man found an innovative way to quickly get six-pack abs “in just two days”.

A man found an innovative way to quickly “get” six-pack abs – a dream even for regulars at gyms. And a video about how he achieved the feat “in just two days” has now gone viral on the internet.

The unidentified man had been dreaming about six-pack for a long time, but didn’t like the idea of working out. So, he turned to tattoo artist Dean Gunther.

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Mr Gunther shared the photo of the man showing off his ripped torso in an Instagram post with the caption, “This is one for the books! My man wanted a 6 pack and @eddiehallwsm was the main inspiration. Who needs a gym when you have a magic wand. 6 pack in 2 days! Enjoy!”

The tattoo artist took two days to make the man’s dream come true. He, however, asked others to not “give up the gym”.

Mr Gunther has also posted a short video, which shows the man doing crunches at the gym to get those washboard abs. In the next scene, he stands in front of a mirror looking disappointed at no change in his belly fat.

The next scene shows him visiting Mr Gunther’s tattoo parlour in makes his dream come true.

The video has received over 53,000 views and more than 1,128 likes on Instagram.

Users have praised Mr Gunther for his outstanding work in the comment section of the post.

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“Looks amazing and has given your client confidence, keep up the amazing work,” a user wrote.

“Great job on the tattoo but horrible idea to do that,” another user said in the comment.

“Can’t be real,” commented a third user.

Dean Gunther is a professional tattoo artist from Cape Town, South Africa, and it currently based in Manchester UK. He is best known for his colour realism tattoo arts.

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