Man Opens Bag Of Crisps To Discover Just One Big Potato

A man was left completely baffled – and more than a little disappointed – when he opened up his bag of Kettle Chips for a lovely snack, only to discover a large whole potato inside.

Dr David Boyce, who works as a physics teacher at Uppingham School in Rutland, was stunned to find no crisps in his packet but instead, a weird looking potato.

The school he works at, if you’ve never heard of it, counts Stephen Fry amongst its alumni, and Hugh Jackman amongst the former staff members.

Anyway, that’s not the point.

The point is, Dr Boyce thought he’d have a nice bag of crisps whilst out watching some deer in Leicestershire, not too far from his work.

However, upon tearing open the distinctive Kettle Chips bag, he realised that the only thing in there was just a strange battered up potato.

Specifically, this potato. Credit: Twitter/@DrDavidBoyce
Specifically, this potato. Credit: Twitter/@DrDavidBoyce

Sharing his plight – or should that be blight? – on Twitter, Boyce wrote: “My mind went completely blank. At first, I thought ‘how is this even in here?’ and then I thought ‘what a champion, this little guy is a survivor – the little potato that refused to be a crisp.'”

So, what on earth does one do in this situation?

Well, the idea of eating it is out of the question, just look at it.

Well, Boyce did come up with one solution.

He told Lincolnshire Live: “I still have it. I have yet to decide what to do with it.

“I thought about scanning it and making a 3D print of it to incorporate it into a statue reminding me of the glorious moment when I discovered it.

“Not the greatest moment in my scientific career but I’ll take what I can get these days.”

He also said that Kettle Chips have been in touch, but the physics teacher has been rocked by the incident and is unsure whether he’ll be able to enjoy a bag of crisps for a long while yet.

He joked: “I was left without crisps – that was sad.”

Still, it’s an interesting thing to tell the students about.

Dr David Boyce. Credit: Twitter/@DrDavidBoyce
Dr David Boyce. Credit: Twitter/@DrDavidBoyce

Maybe he could blag Kettle Chips for an invite down to the factory to see how everything is made?

That might be an interesting day out, right?

Either way, let’s hope that they offer him something decent because there’s nothing worse than working yourself up to having a nice bite to eat before realising that you’re not going to get it.

LADbible has contacted Kettle Chips for a comment.