Man shares ‘number one piece of advice’ to test whether a date is trustworthy

A man claims to have found a clever, and surprising, way to test whether a potential romantic partner is to be trusted, and it involves asking them about their allergies

Screenshot of Dutch from his TikTok
There’s one answer to his test that Dutch sees as an immediate red flag

When in the exciting early days of a budding romance, it can be tricky to work out whether or not you can trust the other person.

However, one man confidently claims to have found a foolproof way to test whether or not your date is trustworthy, and it involves asking about their allergies.

TikTok user Dutch has urged singletons to “do the allergy test” on a first date, asking their potential partner whether or not they have allergies.

Dispensing what he describes as his “number one piece of dating advice”, the New Yorker explained that “you’re looking for one of two answers”.

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In a TikTok video that could well help you dodge a wrong ‘un, Dutch explained: “The first is ‘yes I have allergies’, this is great, and the second is – and this is very important – ‘no, I don’t have any allergies that I know of’.

“That second part, vital, because here’s the thing. I’ve never met anyone I can trust that flat out says I don’t have any allergies. None. Zero.

“And here’s my case study, right, because you’re telling me that you’ve never had a nose that itches or an eye that waters? No”.

Dutch – who goes by the username @dutchdeccc – continued: “Here’s my case study. College, a co-worker started dating this guy. He always came to the front desk. We worked at the library together.”

Dutch has recounted the tale of a former co-worker who took his advice



According to Dutch, he advised his colleague to do the allergy test on her new man, which she did, only for him to tell her that he’s never had any allergies and “never will”.

Their story didn’t exactly end in a fairytale happy ever after, with Dutch revealing that – just two years later – this same man was “living in Idaho with seven women and started a religious cult”.

Although Dutch may well need a few more case studies before his hypothesis can be officially submitted to scientific journals, many followers have been left intrigued, and some definitely see the logic.

One person agreed: “Brilliant. Either they are liars or they deny/ignore symptoms. Both red flags”.

Another said: “I 100% agree, as someone with chronic allergies. A sneeze a day keeps the crazy at bay.”

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