Man storms out of dinner date after partner makes ‘rude’ comment about waitress

A man has been left furious after his date made a ‘rude’ comment about their waitress at a restaurant – causing him to pay for his half of the bill and walk out

A man looking unhappy with his date
The man was shocked at his date’s behaviour (stock photo)

Going out to dinner is a common date idea for couples who are still getting to know one another – and for good reason, as watching how people behave in a restaurant can be a great indicator of their personality.

For one man on Reddit though, his recent dinner date experience turned out to be a complete disaster, after the woman he was with decided to make a rude and unnecessary comment about their waitress.

The man explained that his date had asked their waitress to refill her glass of water, but became irritated when the employee seemingly forgot about her request due to how busy the restaurant was.

And rather than politely remind her, the man’s date decided to make a horrible comment about the waitress’ age.

The bloke chose to ditch his date after her comments (stock photo)


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In his post, he said: “My sister set me up with her friend a few weeks ago.

“Yesterday, I picked her up from her house and took her to a restaurant for dinner. After we finished eating, she asked the waitress to refill her glass of water.

“The place was packed and the waitress passed by our table multiple times. Instead of a friendly reminder, she told her if she’s mentally declining she should be in a retirement home instead of leaving people thirsty.

“The poor woman looked like she was about to cry, she started apologizing to my date and went to get the water.”

The man was left “shocked and embarrassed” by his date’s comments, and immediately decided to go and apologise to the waitress – while also paying for his half of the bill and leaving the woman at the table.

He added: “I was shocked, embarrassed and angry at the same time. I asked her why the f**k would she even think about that sentence let alone say it out loud. I excused myself and went to apologise to the waitress. I paid for the food I ordered, tipped her big time and left.”

But the following day, the man’s sister found out about his decision to walk out of the restaurant and gave him an angry phone call about how disrespectful it was to abandon his date.

The bloke explained: “This morning my sister called me angrily saying how much of an a**hole I am for what I did to her friend. Apparently, after I left, the manager threatened to call the cops if she didn’t pay, and she had to call her father to send her the money for the dinner and the ride back home.

“I explained to my sister what her friend did but she wasn’t interested in hearing my side. She told me that since I picked her up from her place and since it was my turn to pay for the date, I should have just done so and driven her back home or given her money for a taxi.

“I wasn’t interested in arguing with her so I said I’ll send the money to give to her friend.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were on the man’s side, as many of them said he did the right thing by defending the waitress and leaving his date.

One person said: “People who are rude to service workers are outing themselves as s****y people.”

While another wrote: “She f***ed around and found out. No one has the right to be that kind of rude to wait staff, no matter how important they believe themselves to be.”

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