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Man with rare medical condition ejaculates for first time at age 79 after successful surgery

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Amsterdam | A 79-year-old Dutchman has seen his life dramatically changed after a successful operation has allowed him to ejaculate for the first time in his life.

Thomas Holt, 79, was born with a particular medical condition called male orgasmic disorder which made it impossible for him to achieve orgasm despite lengthy sexual contact or while participating in sexual intercourse.

Holt was first admitted at VU University Medical Center last week after his family doctor became concerned about the enormous size of his testicles, fearing he had developed a malignant tumor.

While proceeding to surgically remove the tumor, doctors realized that his sperm canal had been blocked by a skin cyst, a closed pocket of tissue that was filled with hardened semen, releasing at once an important amount of semen.

“There must’ve been a liter of semen that came out all at once. It was like a never-ending fountain of sperm” explains Dr. Willem Koenders at VU University Medical Center.

Dr. Willem Koenders at VU University Medical Center claims that when hardened semen was removed from his patient’s sperm canal, 60 years of accumulated semen was ejaculated during a period of several minutes.

“Through physical stimulation of the patient’s phallus, we were able to remove 60 years of accumulated semen in a question of minutes,” Dr. Willem Koenders told reporters.

Thomas Holt, 79, said the experience of being relieved of 60 years of pent-up semen from his body “was the most pleasing thing he had ever experienced in his entire life.”

“The semen just kept pouring out and spraying all over me and the medical staff team while a nurse kept masturbating me, I was literally in Heaven for 15 minutes,” he told reporters jokingly.

Holt nonetheless experienced a great drain of energy afterward and was unable to walk or get out of bed for the next three days but has since fully recovered.

Holt told members of the press he had already visited a number of Amsterdam’s brothels on several occasions since his hospital leave and feels completely rejuvenated since the operation.

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