Manfred: Season Not In Jeopardy

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Monday morning was not the best one Major League Baseball could have hoped for. After months without baseball, some teams were told they would not be playing as scheduled due to positive tests out of the Miami Marlins camp. Due to a face-off with the Baltimore Orioles, the team has been kept in Philadelphia for the time being after 13 total team personnel tested positive in the last few days.


That means the two-game series with the Orioles was postponed, as was the New York Yankees’ series with the Philadelphia Phillies as a precaution. According to Commissioner Rob Manfred, however, this is not the “nightmare” it might seem to be. He made it clear that they would adjust protocols if needed, but he tried to make it known that the current ones were working and that the season would only be shut down if teams were placed at an extreme competitive disadvantage. With expanded rosters, he stated, the hope is that positive tests can be handled for the most part. We’ll see how that goes following this event.

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