Man’s horror as he almost steps in ‘black melted goo’ as roads melt in heatwave

It’s really shocking when you actually see the impact that the melting tarmac is having on the UK during the heatwave – and one man almost stepped in it whilst out for a walk

We’re all acutely aware of the fact that England is facing soaring temperatures at the moment – with reports that ‘melting black goo’ can be seen on the roads.

An airport runway has also melted in the extreme heat causing even more travel chaos.

And this isn’t going to change any time soon as Britain experiences heatwaves again, as Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said it will be a “long process” to replace and upgrade infrastructure to withstand more heatwaves in future.

So, picture the scene: You’re minding your own business walking in your fresh white Air Force 1’s when suddenly you notice a strange sticky substance on the floor which you almost step in.

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That happened to TikTok user Tommy ( @tmd_2003 ) – and he investigated what had happened with a stick.

On further inspection, he realised that the tarmac had indeed melted, and was presenting as a sticky glue-like black substance. Not ideal.

In the caption, he joked: “Would’ve been worse than getting chewing gum on my sole.”

The video highlights just how hot the UK is at the minute, and in the comments, Tommy wrote some heatwave advice: “Stay hydrated, avoid sun from 11-2:30pm as it’s the strongest, SPF always, be careful in open water and please take care of your pets too!”

The tarmac was so hot…



…black goo was coming off it onto the stick!



People were horrified at the video, with the reality of the scorching temperatures hitting home for many.

One user wrote: “And people are saying the UK is being dramatic, the UK is not built for this heat the country will melt.”

“The whole of the UK is going to permanently have random holes in the ground”, commented another.

Someone wrote: “The tar in the road surface begins to melt at around 50C. The sad thing is people still take their dogs out in this heat!”

How are you coping with the heat? Let us know in the comments.

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