Marcus Smart reveals why he dyed his hair green for Celtics’ playoff run

Marcus Smart has frequently dyed his hair over the course of his career, but he introduced a new color to the rotation during the Celtics’ 2022 playoff run.

Before Boston’s second-round series with the reigning NBA champion Bucks, Smart dyed his hair green.

He has rocked that hair color since then and is poised to keep it through the end of the 2022 NBA Finals.

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Many presumed that Smart dyed his hair green because it is the primary color of the Celtics. However, Smart recently revealed that his choice of green had nothing to do with matching Boston’s uniforms. It’s all about honoring his late mother.

[My mom] always loved my hair [and] the things I was doing with it, from the braids to letting it grow out. And I started to dye it and she really liked that. She always said she wanted to see me in green, but obviously she passed away so she never got to see me [with green hair].

So, when we started this playoff run, I was like, ‘For her, I’m gonna go ahead and dye it and see what it looks like.’ Everybody loved it, so now it’s kinda here.

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Smart was close with his mother, Camellia, who died in September of 2018 after battling cancer. She was 63 years old.

In a post announcing her death, Smart referred to her as “my role model, my friend, my glue, my biggest fan and my biggest critic.”

It’s easy to understand why Smart would choose to honor his mother with his hairstyle and color choice. That said, there’s nothing easy about maintaining his cut and color throughout the playoffs.

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During the Celtics’ series with the Heat, Coco Fernandez — who serves as the team’s unofficial barber — explained that it takes a long time for him and his assistant ‘Jawz’ to dye and braid Smart’s hair.

“Between my job, mine’s about 45 minutes, and hers is about an hour and 45 minutes,” Fernandez explained to WCVB 5, “so Marcus is sitting for almost a cool three hours.”

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