Maren Morris Invested in Herself and Got a Hefty Net Worth in Return! See How Much Money She Makes

Maren Morris may be on a humble quest through stardom, but the country star has reached great success throughout her career. The Texas native has released six studio albums since her debut album Walk On, back in 2005. However, the “Bones” singer didn’t reach her breakthrough until ​11 years later. Now, Maren is a Grammy-winning artist and has racked in serious cash flow from her music sales and more.

What ​Is Maren Morris’ Net Worth?

As of 2023, “The Tree” singer has an estimated net worth between $5 and $8 million, according to multiple reports.

How Does Maren Morris Make Money?

Following the release of Walk On, Maren released five more studio albums and two EPs.

Her self-titled EP was released in 2015 and The Bridge in 2023. As for her studio albums, All That It Takes ​was released in 2007, HERO in 2016, Girl in 2019 and Humble Quest in 2022.

Maren made a name for herself once fans were able to enjoy HERO, which includes her hit songs “I Could Use a Love Song” and “My Church,” which won a 2017 Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance.

What Is Maren Morris' Net Worth? How Much Money the Singer Makes
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“[GRAMMY Camp] was the first time I ever flew on a plane by myself to Los Angeles. It’s crazy to be here a decade later,” she said during her acceptance speech before thanking her team who helped with the song.

Though she has yet to win the prestigious award for a second time, Maren has been nominated for a Grammy 17 times. ​Her most recent nominations at the 65th Awards Show were for three categories: Best Country Album for Humble Quest and Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance for “Circles Around This Town.”

How Does Maren Morris Spend Her Money?

The “I Can’t Love You Anymore” vocalist has previously discussed her upbringing and how she’s always had to work hard to make money. Maren was raised in Arlington, Texas, by parents Gregory Morris and Kellie Morris. Although they didn’t live paycheck to paycheck, their financial status was “close enough.”

“I was taught the value of a dollar at a young age, and I think that wisdom has come in handy, going into being the CEO of myself. At 16, I was able to buy my own car — in cash — with my gig money. I remember that being such a huge thing, being able to immediately drive and not be in any debt,” Maren told InStyle in 2019.

After relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue her music career years later, she saved money so she wouldn’t have to revert to a side job.

“When I got my publishing deal offer, I had $150 left in my checking account before my first check cleared,” she continued. “I was really cutting it close.”

While Maren doesn’t loosely spend her money, she has invested in herself and her creative visions. During the same interview, Maren revealed she invested money into her 2019 music video for “GIRL” so the project could be executed her way.

“This was the first time I’ve ever put my own money down and signed a check to pay for my own music video, even though it was the lesser amount [compared to] what the label put in,” she explained. “I think I’m at that point in my career where I can invest in myself financially. If you want to have your creative vision purely recognized, sometimes you just have to sign the check yourself. You end up footing the bill because you don’t want any part of your vision watered down or discounted by financial restrictions.”

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