Margarita Trucks Could Be Rolling into Your Neighborhood Soon and 2020 Needs Them

margarita trucks

Many of us have fond memories of hearing the sound of the ice cream truck rolling through our neighbourhood when we were kids, and the excitement that followed. There was nothing quite like a sweet ice cream cone to cool you off on a hot summer day.

As adults, that excitement has perhaps worn off a bit- until now. For residents of San Antonio, Texas, the ice cream truck of your childhood has been replaced by an upgraded, adult version. Say hello to the margarita truck.

The Margarita Truck

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard, and chef Johnny Hernandez’s restaurant La Gloria was amongst the thousands of foodservice establishments across the country that were forced to close its doors.

As reopening plans began to roll out at the end of May in San Antonio, Texas, Hernandez came up with a creative way that he could still serve his restaurant’s loyal customers without them having to leave the safety of their own homes.

The restaurant’s first margarita truck hit the streets on May 28th and has been bringing taco kits, chips and salsa, Mexican street corn, and of course, their famous margaritas, right to the doorsteps of San Antonio residents ever since.

“Today, safety is top of mind for everyone, and many of our customers are simply not ready to dine out,” Hernandez said. “However, we know that doesn’t mean they don’t crave one of our famous margaritas.” [1]

Originally, the truck only operated within a three-mile radius of Crockett Park downtown, a neighborhood of San Antonio. Since its inception, however, the restaurant has added a second truck and now services Leon Valley, Alamo Heights, and other neighborhoods as well [2].

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How Much For a Margarita?

To get one of La Gloria’s famous margaritas, you must first place an order online. A single 16-ounce drink will start at ten dollars, or you can get a margarita kit that serves six and starts at 38 dollars.

Flavours include prickly pear, blue, mango, and their signature house margarita, but alcohol can only be delivered if at least one food item is also ordered.

The truck operates Monday to Wednesday from three in the afternoon to eight in the evening, Thursday to Saturday from noon until eight, and Sunday from noon until six [1].

If you live in the San Antonio area and would like the margarita truck to pay a visit to your house, check out their website to find out when they’re going to be in your neighbourhood and to place your order.

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