“Marsupial Martial Arts”: Video Of Kangaroos’ Hand-To-Hand Combat Wins Internet

'Marsupial Martial Arts': Video Of Kangaroos' Hand-To-Hand Combat Wins Internet

The video was shot at San Antonio Zoo in Texas.

A video of two kangaroos fighting each other in their enclosure at San Antonio Zoo in Texas is gaining traction on social media. The fight has been filmed by zoo president and CEO Tim Morrow, who called it Marsupial Martial Arts, wordplay on the popular combat sport, the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

“Who wants some? MMA (Marsupial Martial Arts),” Mr Morrow said in his tweet, which was picked up by many news organisations, including Storyful.

The 31-second video shows the two kangaroos exchanging blows in a hand-to-hand combat. The only thing missing are the gloves.

The two “fighters” are also seen kicking each other, balancing their bodies on their tails.

As the video ends, one of the kangaroos is seen running away while the other one follows it.

Kangaroos, which appear in the official symbol of Australia, are well-known for taking the fights seriously. Many people have in the past posted videos of the animals partaking in a unique phenomenon known as boxing.

Their tails are extremely strong and muscular, and can hold their entire weight – allowing the kangaroos to use the long and powerful hind legs in fights.

Young kangaroos regularly spar as a way to learn vital skills to be used in real fights later in life. This is also engaged by kangaroo mothers to prepare the joeys for life as adults.

Last month, a video from Australia showed a kangaroo using its skills to attacks a man in New South Wales. The man was seen running around in the neighbourhood, frantically attempting to escape the crazed animal.

The man even tried to fend the Kangaroo off with a tree branch, but the marsupial pushed him to the ground and began the assault.

After some WWE-like action, the man successfully managed to pin the kangaroo to the ground.

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