McDonald’s customers left in stitches at worker who ‘sounds like Austin Powers’

McDonald’s customers were left in hysterics after an employee decided to spice up the ordering process.

The unknown worker took the order as normal – but it was done in such a hilarious way the video has almost a million views on TikTok.

The employee has been lavished with praise for his cheeky approach, with customers saying they would request him specifically.

The man, who was reportedly working at McDonald’s in St Albans, cheekily filled the order with hilarious phrases, leaving the car full of people in hysterics.

The customer asks: “Can we have one original BBQ Smokehouse please?” before the employee interjects: “Alright boys, is that chicken or beef?… It’s gotta be beef. And what drink on that bad boy?”

Picture of the speaker where customers can order and employees can speak through
The drive thru employee has gone viral

And after they ask for a Coke, he cheekily replies: “Oi Oi Saveloy, a little classical coke.”

In response to their second order, he continues: “And what Pika-choosing drink are you going to go for?”

And he deadpans “We’ve got 14-Up” after they order two 7-Up’s for the children.

After they order a chicken sandwich, he enthusiastically goes “Phwoar, now we are talkin’, sandwich meal. No lettuce, no worries. And what drink would you like on that bad boy?

McDonald's drive thru
The video went viral

He then sounds eerily like Ned Flander, as they order a chocolate milkshake, as he cheerily replies: “Choccy-shake! Don’t mind if I diddly- do,” before finishing the order with a cheeky “ciao ciao.”

The worker’s cheery manner left people in hysterics, with lots of people urging McDonald’s to give him a raise.

One fan commented: “You can tell this dude loves his job, I try to be this enthusiastic when I’m on drive thru. People seem to love it.”

Another joked: “The way he speaks reminds me of Austin Powers.”

“This puts smiles on people’s faces. Give him a raise and make him a manager,” wrote another.

A fourth joked: “I would drive a thousand miles out of my way to hear him at the drive thru.”