MLB Confirms 16-Team Playoff In 2020

The 2020 MLB season was always going to be unique due to the lack of fans and the shortened season, among other things, but it is going to be even more different after the announcement made on Thursday. It had come to light that the league and players were negotiating expanding the playoffs from 10 teams all the way to 16, and that was confirmed, as well as the format.

The Athletic

There will indeed be 16 teams included, but it looks different than many might have expected it to. All division winners AND runner-ups, regardless of their record, will qualify for the playoffs. That’s six teams per league. After that, the next best two teams based on record will make it. The first round will be played at the higher seed’s home in a three-game capacity, with the rest of the playoffs shaping up as they normally do. So, we’ll have five games in the divisional series and seven in the league championship series and the World Series itself.

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