MLB: New York Teams Head In Different Directions

The fortunes of the two New York teams in Major League Baseball could not be much more different at the moment. On one hand, you have the New York Yankees. They are winning seemingly every game (they have six wins in a row now after beating the Red Sox yet again on Sunday night). Meanwhile, the New York Mets are just not having things go very well for them.


They lost their fifth game in a row to the Atlanta Braves by a score of 4-0 on Sunday. That result also meant the Braves have now won five games straight as well, further hurting the Mets as a rival is gaining serious steam. To make matters worse, Yoenis Cespedes has opted out for the season and left so abruptly the team didn’t know what had happened to him. Back to the Yankees, though, who got a 9-7 win over Boston in a slugfest on Sunday night. Aaron Judge became the first Bronx Bomber to hit a homer in five consecutive games in the last 13 years, hitting a pair of bombs, including a two-run shot with the game knotted up at seven that gave his team the win. That puts the Yankees at 7-1, two games up on Baltimore, of which will not threaten them a bit.

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