MLB, Players Renew Pair Of Rules

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The 2020 MLB season will always be an interesting one to look back on. Shortened to 60 games and featuring a regular-season where teams only played within their own division, the teams also all got to use a DH, the postseason was greatly expanded, and some other new rules were thrown into the mix. Among those were seven-inning doubleheaders and runners being placed on second base at the beginning of extra innings. Those rules were agreed to be used in 2021 by the players and the league as they were announced on Monday.

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Both rules helped limit player fatigue and overall did add to the games tremendously, particularly the latter. Much fewer games went past 12 innings, with only two doing so in the 60-game season mentioned. Rules that have not been renewed include the ‘universal’ DH as well as the idea of an expanded playoffs format. The league, which had 16 teams enter last year, was hoping to have 14 make it this year. But that’s been shot down, meaning the format will return to some form of normalcy.

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