MLB: Soroka, Ohtani Shut Down On The Mound


While we are all happy that some games are being played out on the field in the MLB, we also have to acknowledge the fact that Monday was doomsday for pitchers. The Atlanta Braves lost their ace, Mike Soroka, to an Achilles injury that will rule him out for the remainder of the season as they fell to a 7-2 home loss to the New York Mets.

Sports Illustrated

The win snapped a winning streak, but they will be more concerned with the insult added to that injury, as the NL East could be shaken up dramatically as a result of losing him. The Los Angeles Angels also appear to have lost Shohei Ohtani for the rest of the season (as a pitcher, at least), as he had an elbow problem again, according to an MRI via sources. He has pitched twice this season, neither of which were impressive outings. One of them saw his final three pitches fail to get over 90 MPH, so there were obvious signs that something was going on. His status as a hitter is said to be day-to-day, but we could be looking at the end of his days as a pitcher if he can never get healthy enough to do it, sadly.

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