Mostert Demands Trade Via Agent

Raheem Mostert is far from a household name in the NFL, but his stock has never been higher than it is currently. As such, he, through his agent, has declared that he wants to be traded by the San Francisco 49ers due to what is being called “unproductive talks” regarding his contract.


Mostert is the fourth-highest paid running back on the team at around $2.5 million per season, and that just won’t do for him as he had a breakout run toward the end of this past season. In week 12, he broke out and led the league from that point on with touchdowns and was second in that span in yards (only Derrick Henry had more). His number of plays, 277, since week 12 matches up to the number he had in the first 44 games of his career as well, indicating a sharp rise in activity. Of course, his ridiculous 220 yard rushing game against the Packers in the NFC Championship Game is the highlight. It will be interesting to see if this forces the ‘Niners into a new deal, or if they do indeed find a dance partner to work out a trade.

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