Mum brutally body-shamed when returning jeans as shop cashier told her to ‘lose weight’

A mum was left flabbergasted after a cashier at a supermarket body-shamed her and suggested she ‘lose weight’ when she nipped in to return a pair of jeans that didn’t fit

Woman trying jeans
The woman just wanted to return the jeans – she didn’t want her weight to be commented on (Stock Image)

We’ve all bought clothes on a whim before, assuming they’ll fit because they’re our usual size, and then felt a little bit disheartened when we’ve tried them on and they don’t sit correctly.

But, we’ve moved on because nobody else sees the label in our clothes anyway, so what does it really matter?

However, one mum claims to have been left flabbergasted when a cashier seemed to care about her size, and she took to Mumsnet to ask whether she’d be unreasonable to complain about the staff member.

She explained that she needed to return some jeans to a ‘well-known supermarket’ as they were too small.

On the forum, she wrote: “I smiled, handed them over to the cashier and said: “Could I please have a refund on these, unfortunately, they don’t fit.”

The mum wanted to return jeans that didn’t fit, but was mocked by the cashier (Stock Image)


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“She took them, laughed and said: “You should lose weight then.”

“I kind of giggled in embarrassment and got away as quickly as I could. I was very, very upset and had an awful weekend. I have borderline personality disorder so I don’t know if my reaction was a normal one, because I don’t always have ‘normal’ reactions.

“I’m 42, size 20, struggling with an autoimmune issue (which the doctors can’t pin down) and I’m menopausal. I am TRYING to lose weight but it’s just not happening at the moment. Her comment broke me.

“My friends are encouraging me to make a formal complaint. What do you lot think?

People jumped to the woman’s defence, commenting on how inappropriate it was for the cashier to make such a comment.

“Yes complain. So much for ‘Customer Service’. So rude”, one wrote.

Another said: “I am so sorry you have gone through this and wholeheartedly agree with your friends. You are lucky to have such supportive friends unfortunately the next unfortunate person to deal with that idiot may not have a support network and it could be the icing on the cake.”

A third fumed: “Wow, that’s not even a ‘was she being rude or was I being sensitive?’ situation. That shop assistant woke up and chose to be a loud and proud t**t that day.”

Other people stated that body-shaming is never acceptable.

A mum wrote: “That is absolutely awful and you should definitely complain. She maybe thought she was being ‘funny’, but you should never make comments about someone’s weight, whether they’re on the larger size or skinny. This woman needs some customer service training….fast!

“My daughter is a natural size 6 (definitely not like her mother!) and her supervisor (retail) at work is always commenting about her small size. It’s not on.”

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