Mum devastated after spending £160 on hair only to be left ‘looking like Friar Tuck’

A woman has shared her upset after splashing over £100 on a haircut, only to get home and discover her locks were “uneven” and the colour wasn’t what she’d wanted

Bad hair colour and cut
The mum was not happy with her cut and colour

When you go to the hairdressers, it’s always so awkward when they ask you whether you like what they’ve done – even if you love your new look, it’s still awkward.

Salons can be such intimate places, so if you don’t like your new hair, what are you supposed to do?

One mum recently took to Mumsnet to ask whether she should ask for a refund on her haircut after she was left seriously unhappy with the results of her new do.

She wrote: “I went to a local independent salon this week to get a balayage and cut, the first time since before child was born end of 2021 so I was very excited! I’d never been there before but the salon owner/stylist had good reviews.

“At end of cut and colour the stylist insisted on curling my hair, and with the mixture of the curls and the soft salon lighting I didn’t notice how choppy and uneven it was.

“As soon as I got home and had a proper look I realised that she had done a really bad job and it’s not the natural-looking balayage I’d asked for.”

The cut and colour wasn’t the subtle balayage the mum had asked for



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She continued: “I’ve since been messaging the salon owner to let her know how unhappy I am, and have also been back to show her what I’m not happy with.

“Not only did she play down how bad it was, but the only option she is currently offering is for her to ‘fix’ my hair by trying again, however, I don’t trust her to try again and have instead asked for a refund so I can get it fixed somewhere else. She has no employees, it’s just her, so there’s nobody else there that could try to fix it.

“Looking at what she did the first time (which took four hours, and cost me £160) I haven’t got the confidence in her to fix it, so I asked for a refund, but she is currently refusing – although asked for the weekend to seek advice on what her next steps might be.

“So she might decide next week to refund me, or might decide that she legally doesn’t have to since she has offered to fix it – and that’s that.

“Not sure if photos will do it justice? But it’s choppy, patchy all over including underneath, yellow and grey in parts, and all a little too Friar Tuck. Plus the cut is uneven too! I’ve been left feeling quite sad after being so excited for this first little treat since DC was born! Am I being unreasonable to want a refund so that I can get this fixed somewhere else?”

People jumped to the mum’s defence, saying that the cut was as bad as she made out and she definitely needed a refund. A few horrified hairdressers even commented on the thread to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “I’m sorry but that’s horrific and if she’s prepared to ‘fix’ it she knows it’s bad. 100% you deserve your money back.”

“I am a hairdresser, I started reading this thread and honestly I rolled my eyes and then I looked at the pictures! Oh my god! Do not let her touch your hair again you absolutely need a refund!”, one remarked.

Another said: “Can’t see the cut but the colour looks dreadful – not balayage at all. More like grown out highlights. I’d definitely not want her to try and fix it either – stick to your guns for a refund!”

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