Mum fumes after husband’s cousin uses their baby name mere weeks before due date

A mum who is due to give birth in just a couple of weeks says she was left less than impressed when her husband’s cousin gave the name they’ve chosen to their own newborn

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She’s now wondering what she should do (Stock Photo)

A mum claims she now wonders whether she can keep the name she’d chosen for her unborn child after her husband’s cousin decided to go for the same one, mere weeks before. According to this mum-to-be, who is due to give birth next week, she and her husband have had their “hearts set” on this name “for years”, a factor the cousin was fully aware of.

Therefore, they weren’t all that pleased when, two weeks ago, the cousin opted for the same name for their baby, leaving them with a bit of a dilemma. With the second cousins set to be just weeks apart in age, she now wonders whether she should stick to her guns and keep the name she’s always loved, or just cut her losses and pick again.

She’s loved the name for years (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Mumsnet, where she goes by the username blubbery, the peeved mum vented: “Their baby was born a couple of weeks ago. Ours is due next week.

“Would you still use the same name? We have had our hearts set on it for years. They knew and obviously liked it too. Does it matter?”

She went on to explain that the two babies would have the exact same first and last names, making things even more complicated and that her husband doesn’t want to use the name. She however isn’t sure she wants to give it up just yet.

Her fellow Mumsnet users have been left divided on the matter, with some feeling she shouldn’t have to give up the name choice when the cousin had been perfectly aware of how much she liked it. Others felt things would just get too confusing for their other relatives if she stuck with the same name.

One person wrote: “Of course, you should use the name you have chosen. Have a different middle name if you want to distinguish between them. How many Mr and Mrs Smiths have thought ‘I know, why don’t we call him John?'”

Another advised: “I don’t know. I think it would be confusing to have to grandkids with the same name. It also makes a difference to me how common the name is. Oliver, fine. Agamemnon, maybe not.”

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