Mum fumes after nanny refuses to walk home with baby in pouring rain

A nanny claims she had taken her employer’s baby out to a bubble tea shop when it started pouring down with rain. The child’s mother told her to bring her home, and reacted furiously when she instead decided to wait it out

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She got caught out in a rainstorm while out with the baby (Stock Photo)

A nanny says she is now rethinking her current position after her employer screamed at her for not bringing her baby home at once after it started chucking it down with rain. The nanny, who until recently says she’s had a good working relationship with the family, had taken the one-year-old child out to a local shopping centre when it began pouring down.

She made the decision to wait out the rainstorm at a bubble tea shop, texting the baby’s mother to let her know what was going on. When she was told to bring the little girl home, she explained that, although the baby had a cover, she herself didn’t have an umbrella coat.

Not wanting to finish her shift “soaking wet,” the nanny reiterated she wouldn’t be walking back in the rain, and asked if her husband would be able to just pick them up. The mum responded by telling her it was her “job to do what she says.”

Her boss accused her of trying to kidnap the child (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit – where she goes by the username u/nannyprobsyup – the nanny recalled how the husband had come to fetch them after an hour had gone by, apologising and telling her he’d been asleep and had no clue they were stuck out in the rain. However, when they got back to the house, it was a different story altogether.

She wrote: “When we got back, mum screamed at me saying ‘how dare I not bring her baby home when she told me to’, and accused me of kidnapping. Dad said she was being dramatic but didn’t really do much, she threatened to fire me and told me not to come in today and that we will discuss everything Monday.

“Was I wrong for not coming back? It was pouring. I didn’t want to have to sit in soaked clothes for hours, my hair would get ruined, I didn’t want to get sick like there are so many reasons I didn’t want to be in the pouring rain plus it didn’t feel that safe. I guess if I’m wrong I’ll apologise Monday but my boyfriend said she’s being unreasonable and can’t fire me for that.”

She now feels as though she should quit her job altogether, but isn’t sure what she should do exactly, and has now reached out to fellow Reddit users for advice.

One person commented: “I bet she’d have complained if you or the baby got sick from being out in the cold/rain, you made the smart decision.”

Another suggested: “Definitely talk to the agency. Walking in pouring rain like that is really unsafe. Cars can’t see as well, what if you were walking across the street and a car couldn’t see you? This is an unsafe situation that could have been remedied by them coming to pick you up. She’s treating you less than a servant. I’d bring it up to the agency – they may refuse to do business with her after this.”

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