Mum fuming as ex-husband opens present she bought for their son – and breaks it

A mum has been left furious after she left her ex-husband in charge of the birthday present she bought for their son – and not only did he open it, but he broke it too

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The mum was furious at her ex-husband for his actions (stock image)

Buying birthday presents for your children can be a pricey experience, so when you’ve managed to get your hands on something you know they’ll love, the big day can be as exciting for you to see the joy on their faces as it is for them to open their long-awaited gift.

But one mum on Reddit has been left fuming after she discovered her 16-year-old son won’t be able to enjoy the games console she bought him for his upcoming birthday – because his dad decided to open it and break it before he got a chance to.

Posting her story anonymously, the mum explained she has a co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband, and had given him the gift to look after because their son would be spending his birthday at his dad’s house.

He accused her of ruining her son’s birthday by telling him the truth (stock image)


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And just one day before their son’s birthday, the 36-year-old woman’s former spouse called her to tell her she needed to get another gift – as he’d broken the games console.

She wrote: “I try to have a good co-parenting relationship with my ex-husband, and we have a 16-year-old son who lives in both houses. His 16th birthday was days ago, I bought him a console and sent it to his dad’s house in advance since I was out of town and couldn’t attend the birthday celebration.

“Two days later, one day before the birthday, my ex-husband called saying he opened the gift I got for our son, used it and broke it. I was in dismay when he told me and I started arguing with him about paying for it to replace it but he started pleading, saying he has no money.”

The boy’s dad even asked his ex-wife not to tell their son that she’d bought him the console, but she refused to lie to her child – and called him to tell him the truth.

She added: “He asked that I either send another gift or just tell our son I didn’t send him a gift. I told him there was no way I was going to lie to my son, but he kept begging me, saying he’ll pay me back once he’s able.

“I ended the call with him then immediately called my son to let him know what his father did to his birthday gift.

“A huge fight ensued and my ex-husband called me yelling and saying that I not only ruined our son’s birthday celebration but ruined his relationship with him over a stupid console that he was going to pay for. He said I was being spiteful and trying to one-up him.

“My son went to stay at my place with my current husband and hasn’t been speaking to his dad. His dad is blaming me because our son refused to stay and celebrate his birthday with him after finding out what he did.”

And commenters on Reddit couldn’t believe the dad’s actions – with some suggesting he may have even sold the console and lied about breaking it.

One person said: “It’s quite rich of him to call you immature when he not only stole and broke your son’s gift from you, but asked you to lie about it. You absolutely did the right thing in telling him.”

While another added: “You don’t accidentally break a console. He either dropped it, threw it, or sold it.”

And a third said: “I don’t think he broke it. Selling it and saying he broke it achieves his same purpose, plus profit.”

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