Mum furious as husband bans her from mate’s party because he says she’s no ‘fun’

A man has said he didn’t invite his wife to his best friend’s party because she’s not ‘fun’ and he doesn’t want to ‘babysit’ her – leaving her to feel ‘like a burden’

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The man didn’t want to have to ‘babysit’ his wife at the party (stock photo)

A bloke has landed himself in hot water after he refused to invite his wife to his best friend’s birthday party over claims he would have to “babysit” her all night, which would stop him from having “fun”.

The 37-year-old man explained on Reddit that his wife has never met his mate because they only bonded after he started a new job a year ago, and because she wouldn’t know anyone at the party, he decided it was best not to invite her.

But the 33-year-old woman – who is a stay-at-home mum to their two kids – feels “hurt” by his decision to make her stay in because she now feels “like a burden”, especially as she already spends so much time at home with the couple’s children.

In the man’s post, he wrote: “I started a new job a little over a year ago. My best friend at work, I’ll call him Rick, is throwing a birthday party tomorrow.

The woman now feels ‘like a burden’ to her husband (stock photo)


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“My wife thought it was a work function (as my work does frequently have work functions) until tonight. She realised it was Rick’s birthday party and it wasn’t one of those sit-down dinners, but rather a bar party where there is usually an open invitation to partners. She asked me why I didn’t invite her along.

“I was honest and told her it’s because I wanted to have fun and didn’t want to have to babysit her. She is outgoing and can converse easily with new people that she meets but she wouldn’t know anyone at the party as she hasn’t met any of my colleagues before.

“This would mean that I would feel like I have to accompany her or check in on her frequently. I can’t just relax and enjoy the party.

“She called me an a**hole because she said I made her feel like a burden. She’s hurt that I wouldn’t want to bring her to introduce her to my ‘work best friend’ and colleagues.

“She also feels like because she’s a stay-at-home mum to two young kids, she doesn’t get to go out much and would’ve liked to be invited out. I told her that I’d be happy to introduce her to my colleagues but I offered to organise a dinner to do so, as I just want to enjoy myself and have fun at this party – and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

Commenters on the post were baffled by the man’s actions and were largely in agreement that his wife has every right to be angry at him for treating her like a burden.

One person said: “Introducing your outgoing wife to your colleagues will impede your fun as you will feel like a babysitter. Are you serious? Instead, she gets to stay home with your young kids while you focus completely on having fun.”

While another added: “How could she interpret that any other way than you think that she’s a burden? God forbid you have to think of her every 20 or so minutes and go see how she’s doing.

“If in your mind, the two options are have fun or bring my wife, there’s something seriously wrong in that relationship.”

The man later returned to his post to add that he did tell his wife she could come with him if she wanted to – but she has now told him no.

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