Mum gobsmacked as neighbour rants about son’s ‘disgusting’ drawings – and threatens him

A mum has shared her upset after her neighbour went on a rant about the drawings her son had done in chalk on the pavement – and then threatened him

Boy chalk drawing
The boy was minding his own business drawing in chalk when the neighbour started behaving inappropriately

A mum was horrified when a new neighbour moved into the area and started to threaten her son.

She took to Mumsnet to explain that she was ‘living in a lovely community where everyone knows everyone, families, couples and elderly.’

She wrote: “Our children are good-natured, caring and kind. They play outside together and all neighbours are used to them and love seeing their chalk drawings, especially through lockdown.”

Which sounds idyllic, until you add the new neighbour into the mix.

The mum continued: “We have since had a new neighbour. On first meeting he revved his engine and sped up going very close to my son who was chalk drawing, he always moves out of the way but had very little time. My son was a little stunned.

“The neighbour then walked towards him glaring at him like he was a juvenile delinquent. I looked at him with raised eyebrows and the neighbour started ranting at me that the chalks are disgusting and he’s sick of seeing them when he comes home and we should not be playing outside and to go to the park etc. He was very aggressive.

The woman’s son was chalk drawing, but the new neighbour did not approve


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“I suggested he needs to be more tolerant as we are a diverse community with families and those without children have always enjoyed their drawings. He said we have no respect and he will be complaining about us.

“My son is autistic and very gentle and kind but is now too scared to go outside in case he sees us. I feel the neighbour’s aggression and driving was far more disgusting than children’s chalk drawing. My son is known for his amazing drawings and it’s been encouraged as part of his play therapy, so it was very confusing that someone would refer to art as disgusting.

“I’m so shocked he’s revving his engines and intimidating young children! I just can’t get over it!”

The post provoked a mixed reaction, with some empathising with the mum, and others not understanding.

One wrote: “The neighbour is a total a***hole. I’ve an autistic son as well and I know that they only like and enjoy certain things. Obviously, it depends on where your son was drawing and if he was being properly supervised. Let him complain away. Who is he actually going to complain to about a little boy playing with chalk?”

Someone else said: “Just tell your son to stop drawing outside that one house.”

“I think he’s unreasonable (and dangerous) revving a car near a person and obviously he shouldn’t be intimidating a child. But if your son was in the road/car park I think you’re completely unreasonable too – it’s dangerous and not somewhere a driver necessarily expects to come across a crouching child”, another commented.

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