Mum going on holiday makes hilarious list of people daughter can call if she ‘f**ks up’

After having kids, life is never quite the same again – and even when they get older and leave home, they are still going to need you to be there for them.

Being a parent is a full-time job, so the idea of having a few days off from that could certainly be appealing.

One mum has gone to extreme lengths to ensure she isn’t bothered by her child while away on holiday with her husband.

The dad has gone viral on social media after sharing a look at the hilarious emergency contact list his wife made for their daughter, who is currently home from college.

The list features a number of different scenarios the young woman could face while they’re on vacation – and who she should call in each circumstance.

Essentially, the rule is call anybody except for her parents.

The TikTok video went viral, image shows text on kitchen side
The video went viral

The parent, who posts on TikTok under the name @korish1975, said: “Came home from work to see my wife made our kid who is home from college a list of who to call when we are on vacation.

“Who ya gonna call? NOT US.”

Examples on the call list include: “If you think you f***ed up, but you aren’t sure if we will care… call Theresa.

“If you know you f***ed up and you need help covering it up… call Caroline.

“If you f***ed up and you’re in jail… call Holden.”

The emergency contact list the mum made
The list is brilliant

The list also features the order in which they should call people if the first person doesn’t answer.

Each list ends with a bright red reminder not to call mum or dad.

Other examples include emergency contacts to go to if she misses the dogs ( Instagram ), if she feels lonely (Grandma) and who to call if she needs “money to fix it” (the answer is Derrick, whoever that may be).

The video has gone viral, being viewed more than two million times and garnering over 273,000 likes.

One person replied: “Okay but now I think we need to be introduced to everyone on the list.”

Another said: “If you haven’t told your wife how incredible she is… go run and do that now.”

“I’m fully invested in each person’s life now,” proclaimed a third. “I need to know who Derrick is and why he is the go to for most topics.”

A different user added: “Derrick sounds rich. Holden sounds like a broke ride or die.”

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